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Battle Jump - v 0.9

Hi. It's been a long time since the last version and there is a lot to tell about the new features.
First of all this new version is available on Mac OS X! There is however a little restriction because you'll need to have at least Leopard to run it.

Battle Jump sur Mac OS X

But this is not the only new feature, indeed this is the list of additions:

  • Bugs correction
  • 3D optimization
  • The Battle Jump cover is now available in the Docs Folder.
  • Many images are now in PNG format.
  • You can now see the preview of all levels directly into the game.
  • The two-player game has been modified in order to run several levels without returning to the menu.
  • A counter of victories has been added in the two-player mode.

You can download this new version right now.



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