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Welcome to Battle Jump's home page. You'll find here Battle Jump's latest releases, and more.

Battle Jump is a free 3D platform game.

Battle Jump is a free 3D Platform game using OpenGL in order to be available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
We hope that you will enjoy it.

Do not hesitate to share with us your comments, and join our facebook page.

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Jérôme Baudoux

Battle Jump Contest - results

The Battle Jump's 1st contest is now over.
Only 3 people manage to finish it, so we can consider that the level was too difficult.

1 st Doublevil with 80.9 s
2 nd Oubli4 with 86.8 s
3 rd Leonsulivan with 123.5 s

22/08/2009 - 0 Comment

Battle Jump Contest

Hello every one, I know that you have many unused time due to holiday. That's why I suggest you to participate to the Battle Jump's first contest.

The rules are simples, all you've got to do is download this level, and send your scores before The 20th of August.

To send your scores, you have to be registered and authorize Battle Jump to send scores on the BattleJumpLauncher.

Good Luck.

13/08/2009 - 0 Comment

Battle Jump on facebook

You can now become a fan of Battle Jump on facebook.

Become a fan of battle jump

01/08/2009 - 0 Comment

Battle Jump [.com] - v 0.7

Battle Jump has its own website with its own domain name.
But that's not all the changes, see there what's new :

  • You can send your score on every level
  • The game has been optimised
  • You can set the volume in the game
  • You can now search a level on the website

19/07/2009 - 0 Comment

Battle Jump - v 0.6

After few months without update, Battle jump is here with a brain new version!

We can separate two updates :

The web site

  • You don't need to log-in everytime you come to the site
  • You can share your levels on digg, google, facebook ...
  • A new level viewer is now on the site, it permits to zoom on your levels.

  • The game has been modified too.

  • Some bugs are corrected
  • You can now send your scores directly to the site in order to compare yourself with other battle jump players!

22/06/2009 - 0 Comment

Battle Jump - v0.5

New features :

  • 9 new blocs.
  • Count-down when the times under 10s.
  • 16/9 and 5/4 resolutions.
  • 5 new levels in a new difficulty.
  • Hot key to restart the level.
  • You can now run a level from the editor.
  • Some bugs are fixed.

10/03/2009 - 0 Comment

Website update

The website has been updated, there are still no cookies but you can the list of changes:

  • The Wesite has now a stats part
  • The number of downloads and views of a level are comptabilized.
  • You can sort the levels by rate.

10/03/2009 - 0 Comment

Battle Jump - v0.4.5

  • It is now possible to run an Unofficial Level via the game.
  • You can also train yourself in all the games level in the Signgle Map mode

10/02/2009 - 0 Comment

New web site

Battle Jump has a new web site!

You can see that this web site is not finished yet, however it's already possible to share your battle jump levels with the community.

To share your levels you must create a free account.

Downloading member's levels doesn't require to be registered.

13/01/2009 - 0 Comment

Battle Jump - v 0.4

  • Multiples Environments.
  • The level structure has been updated.
  • You can restart the current level by the pause menu.
  • If you lose in the first level of a difficulty the chronometer restart.

13/01/2009 - 0 Comment

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